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Technologies management

Learn how to manage your time and how to save 3 to 7 hours every week. Outlook is way more than a simple software for your agenda and emails, and can become a true integrated dashboard that will carry out all your follow-ups in order to achieve your goals. This training course is absolutely indispensable.


  • Regular: 359$


  • Montreal
  • Quebec

They placed their trust in us

Fetch Human Capital is committed to offer you training courses of UNDENIABLE added value in a professional format that will captivate the audience and stimulate your success.

Corporate services

Customized programs

The main advantages of these custom-made programs are the following:

  • Surgically precise according to the board’s goals
  • Optimization of time invested by each employee in training
  • Best mobilization and enhanced class interest
  • Examples drawn from the audience’s day to day life
  • High level participation during the training courses
  • Best ratios of knowledge integration following the training courses
  • Results superior to those of prefabricated training courses

** Bonus: In many cases, this program can come with subsidies and/or tax credits.

How does it work?
Our customized programs are created following these three simple steps:

  1. Consultation phase
  2. Dissemination phase
  3. Integration phase

How much does it cost?
Each program is custom-built according to your budget.

Corporate services

Time virtuoso

Time virtuoso

The custom made program Time virtuoso offers an exceptional curriculum to allow you to evaluate your cohort before, during and after the program, thus assuring you proven and undeniable productivity gains. Combining principles of time management in today’s technological world, everyday software and mobile tools, this program can help any person who is facing a heavy workload or is constantly stretching deadlines.

About Fetch

Fetch Human Capital

Appreciated training courses and keynote conferences

Fetch Human Capital offers conferences and training courses of outstanding value that have been tested and improved over the years, and that have generated sincere thanks from thousands of participants, who will in turn retain significant advantages after investing their time with us.

Custom-made programs

For organizers and companies who want a truly impactful curriculum, Fetch provides customized services and personalized content adapted to your reality and your goals.

Facilitate in-class presence: a multi-format offer and promotional support

  1. Our multi-format offer allows you to decompose the themes in several educational durations and supports. Lunch & Learn, webinars, E-learning, video clips, breaking down sessions in express modules, workshops, immersions, etc.
  2. Promotional support: Fetch offers web pages dedicated to didactic videos explaining your program and course outline online.


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