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Fetch human capital is a company offering exceptional, custom-made training courses and conferences with two successful collections, namely the programs: Time and technologies virtuoso and S.M.A.S.H.

Renown and appreciated training courses and conferences

Fetch Human Capital proposes high value conferences and courses that were tested, improved over the years, and that generated sincere thanks from thousands of participants who will in turn retain significant advantages following their time investment with us.

Facilitating in-class presence: Multi-formats and promotional support

Your employees are busy and organizing sessions is a challenge? Fetch proposes two interesting tools to help you:

  1. A multi-format offer: Allows you to break down the themes in various educational durations and supports. Lunch & Learn, webinars, E-learning, video clips, breaking down sessions in express modules, workshops, immersions, etc. Depending on the reality of your teams, it’s interesting to innovate the formats in order to make it.
  2. Promotional support: People no longer read long emails with the course outline as an attached file? Did you know that, today, 84% of Google searches lead to videos rather than texts? Fetch provides dedicated web pages with videos explaining your program and online course outlines. The employee can therefore see demonstrations, overviews of the courses and of the benefits associated to it. Your classes will fill up more easily and you will receive less questions to manage.


Who has never been moved by an exceptional teacher in the course of their career? Have you ever been the student of one of those extraordinary teachers? Well, at FETCH, we only hire those teachers, because they share the same value we do: passion.

At Fetch Human Capital, authenticity is an integral part of our DNA. We are convinced an honest dialogue with our clients and our providers guarantees long-term success.

Our world is boiling with excitement and nowadays, stimulating the senses has no limits! In order to reach people, it is imperative to display creativity and ingenuity, for the content to become a true asset.

For skills to be fully realized, we believe they must be put into practice again and again, and our content needs to be accompanied by patience and perseverance in order to result in success. This perseverance must be expressed equally by the teacher and the student alike.

Beyond teaching... touching lives

Following his remission from cancer, François Sauro decided in 2010 that he will not be satisfied by forming people in companies: he will transform lives.

The goal was to found a company that was going to spread educational content beyond traditional teaching. With the help of partners, he started off with the principle of recruiting high quality trainers, but more importantly, humans who hold their students’ success close to heart.

Initially specialized in subjects revolving around efficiency, time management, and technology, the addition of Frédéric Simard to the team in 2013 marked a significant change, with the addition of the S.M.A.S.H. program, a revolutionary method in the management of success achievement which supports the emergence of tangible results.

Fetch Human Capital Ltd would like to thank all of our clients for their trust, allowing the expression of a passionate education from one ocean to the other.

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