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Are you questioning the pertinence of a training course? Have you thought of a customized curriculum? For many of our clients, this is a much appreciated formula, because it offers multiples advantages.

The beauty of “custom-made”

The main advantages of these customized programs are the following:

  • Surgically precise according to the administration’s goals.
  • Optimization of the time invested by each employee in training.
  • Best mobilization and increased in-class interest
  • Examples from the daily lives of the audience
  • High participation during training
  • Best ratios of assets integration after training
  • Superior results compared to “prefabricated” training

** Bonus: In many cases, this program can be accompanied by subsidies and/or tax credits.

How does it work?

Our custom-made programs are built following three steps:

  1. Consultation phase: we proceed with an analysis of your situation to specifically identify the skills to develop or the paradigms to shift, with meetings, interviews, questionnaires, analyses, and technical diagnoses. We finish this stage with the proposition and validation of a custom-made educational curriculum.
  2. Dissemination phase: Depending on the established plan, we combine the formats ideal for you (conferences, workshops, one-day or half-day training courses, Lunch and Learn, E-Learning, webinars, video clips, exams, etc.) Each company receives personalized material in a format that best suits their activities.
  3. Integration phase: More and more companies want to avoid the erosion effect that follows a course or a conference. The integration phase completes the process with measurement tools, evaluation of concrete results tools, follow-up coaching, videos to refresh acquired knowledge and to assist participants in their success.

How much does it cost?

Each program is custom built according to your budget. Ask to meet with an educational advisor who will help you discover your possibilities in line with your needs and your goals. Satisfaction guaranteed and there are no fees attached to an exploratory meeting.

What we can offer you:

  • Private webinars
  • Conferences fragmentable in various durations
  • Public classes
  • Private classes
  • High quality, 24/7 E-Learning
  • Sessions in your offices
  • Lunch and Learn
  • Seminars
  • Individual coaching
  • Express 60 minutes
  • Express 90 minutes
  • Early birds!
  • Video clips

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Time virtuoso

Time virtuoso

The custom made program Time virtuoso offers an exceptional curriculum to allow you to evaluate your cohort before, during and after the program, thus assuring you proven and undeniable productivity gains. Combining principles of time management in today’s technological world, everyday software and mobile tools, this program can help any person who is facing a heavy workload or is constantly stretching deadlines.

They placed their trust in us

Showing customer service personnel how to sell

How to make them develop sales reflexes?

How to ensure customer service personnel develop sales reflexes? The challenge is considerable, because for most people focused on service, the mere mention of the word “sales” can cause nausea. Lou-tec Brossard entrusted Fetch with the mandate of custom-building a curriculum to reach that goal.

From crossed arms to laughter and active participation

After the consultation phase, we clearly realized that the first training session had to make the bridge between the values of service and those of increasing cash flows. The trainer, having visited several branches and meeting employees to understand their universe, was capable of introducing the subject with a powerful and sincere empathy. This first polite gesture set the stage to open up minds and to engage in a quality education relationship. The comments from this course were phenomenal.

A new paradigm: serving instead of selling!

The S.M.A.S.H. program has aligning emotions and mentalities with actions as a guiding principle, in order for the harmony index to support high level success. Mission accomplished: participants want to offer options to the client and increase cash flows without going against their values of service. In fact, extraordinary customer service requires asking questions and offering all the options to the client. That’s also true respect! Result: cross-selling techniques have now become extended service techniques.

Transforming departments and various roles: how to align the whole team towards the client

In a competitive world, the tour operator Transat called on Fetch human capital Ltd to transform the educational paradigm in a context of change.

An interesting consultation phase

First, the FETCH team harvested data through interviews, questionnaires, and meetings, in order to review the existing program.

Then, we validated our hypotheses to change the presentation angle and the education sequence.

A striking dissemination

Second, we delivered training courses that respected the context of change in which the company found itself. Participants showed an incredible openness to the message and were therefore capable of integrating the taught concepts to welcome them and put them into practice at work. Thanks to our educational methodology, the axis, the training titles, the exercises, and the messages hit the mark dead center.

Results that speak for themselves

After the first cohort, Transat decided to deploy the S.M.A.S.H. training program to its entire first line team, to multiply the evident success of the first training courses they followed. A good example that shows that, sometimes, an exterior eye and a positive collaboration can make the entire difference!

How to help store managers be more efficient?

After a soaring success with the “Time virtuoso with Outlook” training for people in the administrative center, Sobeys identified that their store managers were equally overwhelmed. How can we help them?

Can you replicate the principles of time virtuoso for a retail manager?

Retail managers are essential players in the success of the company. They not only have to manage emails but also personnel, clients, crises, physical spaces, stocks, security, protocols, reports, follow-ups and communications. This was a major challenge: how do we custom-build THE ultimate training for managers and store directors focused on personal efficiency?

Consultation phase

After many observations and surveys, the challenges boiled down to management and multiple interruptions in an extremely demanding context.

Three initial cohorts to gain approbation

In order to address the challenge, we asked Sobeys to place us with cohorts of various testers and asked to be challenged by the most critical and demanding people in the industry. The first test showed us that the work would be more difficult than we had assessed, because we got a grade of 6/10. With the second cohort composed of 18 people, the notes reached an average of 9/10. It’s with the last cohort that we reached 9,5/10, and ever since then, the training offered is a vivid success.

An exceptional training

The training course Develop your personal efficiency was perfected over thousands of hours for over 4 years now! What is most spectacular is that the evaluations of the training are almost unanimous with 5 stars for the entirety of participants. From strategic efficiency to temporal efficiency, on a daily basis and on a long-term perspective, nobody is left unaffected. What could your teams accomplish with 5 to 10 hours of additional productivity per week?

Corporate conferences

Entertaining and useful conferences!

For your next conference, you need to avoid presenting reheated content people have already heard. Some want humor, others want to learn, and some are looking to be inspired. What if you could have all of the above within your budget?

We offer successful conferences that combine humor, relevance, and high added value, which is to say that participants leave with a concrete value.

A few comments we received

“Hilarious! I had fun, laughs, but more importantly, I learned a lot! It’s striking how we recognize ourselves in the examples!” Sophie P.

“A topical issue that distinguished itself with its relevance. Technologies have invaded my life without my knowledge and I am discovering new interesting ways to regain control.” – Gino C.

“Everybody is invaded by emails, finally some concrete solutions. It touches EVERYONE.” – Manon D.

“Innovative, unique and relevant, no matter who you are.”


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