Jimmy Philogène



Jimmy is an information technologies buff. He has a profound passion for simplifying what seems complex for ordinary people. He is animated by a vivid passion for transmitting his knowledge and sharing his experiences with vigor. Comments that recur most often from his training courses are: “Very interesting”, “Excellent”, “Understandable”, “Engaging”, “Dynamic”, “Fun”, “Energetic”, and “Authentic”.

He has over 20 years of experience in the domain of sales and over 10 years of experience in large enterprises, notably with Xerox Canada, in sales, management, and training. He is sensible to the daily challenges small, medium and larger organizations face. Salesman, seasoned information technologies specialist, and inspired trainer, Jimmy has trained thousands of people in 10 years and is as passionate in his love of teaching and making a difference in people’s lives as ever. Always on the lookout for technological innovations, he works ceaselessly to improve and diversify his activities in training and in consultation to optimize corporate productivity.


His main inspiration comes from the promise that technologies should work more for humans than the other way around. Also, he wants to instill a positive impact in people and companies alike in order for them to no longer be afraid of new technologies and for them to become more trusting of their potential.

He founded Conos Consultation Inc. in 2013, which is a dynamic company developing innovative technological solutions and customized services to increase efficiency of resources in order to improve performance in your business.

Talent and specialties

  • Creative and passionate
  • Experienced administrator
  • Thorough knowledge of information technologies
  • Business sense
  • Professional


  • Optimize your time with iPhone & iPad
  • Optimize your time with the help of Outlook
  • Email expert
  • Manage your follow-ups with the OneNote technology
  • Optimize your time management with Google
  • Cybersecurity