In-class training

  • Time optimization

Becoming an expert in managing Email


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  • Montreal
  • Quebec
  • Learn the ethics of email usage and the traps to avoid
  • Know the advanced email sending and reception techniques
  • Manage to empty your inbox every day
  • Diminish the negative impact of interruptions due to email
  • Automatize and create models for your emails

This training course lasts half a day (3.5 hours)

Email is an information technology application that traumatized our professional environment. It is THE method of communication that has known the highest acceptance rate in the history of mankind, and in such a short time that many users are left at sea. Despite this, the majority of users got an inadequate training, sometimes nonexistent, and only know a small part of their email software’s potential. This course offers a way to diminish the negative impacts of emails and to optimize their functioning with this work tool that often takes over 20% of your active time PER DAY!

Who should attend this training course?

Mastering this software is often key to save time, to minimize repetitive steps and diminish the stress caused by an overabundance of emails. Anyone who wants to regain control of their email inbox, to learn easy and efficient ways to manage their communications can benefit greatly from this training course, in order to concretely put forward winning attitudes, to better control their environment, and to minimize waste of time and energy.

Fetch Guman Capital Ltd, the training courses it organizes, as well as the trainers are all certified by Emploi Québec.

Time : 1 PM to 4:30 PM
8:30 AM to Noon
9 AM to 12:30 PM
Place : Montreal

Important ethical concepts at play with email usage

  • Evaluating the relevance of sending an email
  • Consequences of an overabundance of emails
  • Advantages and drawbacks of email

Manage sending messages better

  • What is indispensable to write an efficient email
  • Advanced and unexpected functions of sending emails
  • Intelligent use of voting buttons, acknowledgements of receipt, and confirmation of reading
  • Clarification of the A:, CC:, Cci fields
  • Establishing a simple and double signature

Manage the reception of emails better

  • The irritants of receiving a large volume of emails and its remedies
  • The simple and efficient process to empty your inbox
  • Sorting important emails in a quick and easy way
  • Creating subfolders in .PST format and automatic archiving
  • Advances automatic sorting rules for emails and undesirable emails
  • Printing the list of tasks
  • Using quick actions to save time

Research folders management

  • Searching for elements in Outlook
  • Advanced research tools

Automation and creating a model for your emails

  • Creating and automating a model in order to save time

A complete, illustrated didactic manual will be provided for each participant.