In-class training

  • Technologies management

Optimize your time with Google


  • Regular: 359$


  • Montreal
  • Quebec
  • Establishing a dashboard to manage tasks and follow-ups daily
  • Learn the principle of Gmail and Google Agenda concepts
  • Optimize the usage of the Gmail inbox
  • Manage your schedule with the calendar interface of Google
  • Apply time management concepts to the Google applications

This training course last one day (7 hours).

Time management is the art which allows an individual to master their environment, to have a simple visual of what needs to be accomplished, and to develop and put into practice an efficient method to carry it out. This unique course permits the development of the know-how necessary to increase their managing abilities through the usage of technological tools at the center of our daily environment.

Who should attend this training course?

Time management is becoming essential in organization where the pace is high and demands are increasingly more stringent. Anyone who receives emails and/or follows-up on various tasks on a daily basis can benefit from this training greatly, in order to concretely put forward winning habits, to better control their environment and to minimize the waste of time and energy.

Fetch Human Capital Ltd, the training courses it organizes, as well as the trainers are all certified by Emploi Québec.

Time : 08:30 AM to 4:30 PM
9 AM to 5 PM
Place : Montreal

Prerequired knowledge

  • Knowledge of the basic information technologies environment
  • Basic knowledge of the Google Apps environment

Management concepts related to technology

  • Understanding of time management notions
  • The required skills in time management
  • The numerous interruptions and their solutions
  • Consequences of work organization
  • The impact of multitasking work on work
  • The distinction between urgency and importance

The main Gmail concepts

  • Basic functionalities of Gmail
  • The difference advanced commands of Gmail
  • The different components of the tool
  • Establishing a GMAIL dashboard
  • The winning method to use the work space well

Overview of the working tools of Google Agenda

  • The different displays of the agenda (events, meetings, tasks)
  • The creation, modification, and cancelation of appointments, events or meetings
  • The creation of additional agendas
  • Security settings
  • Functions to print the agenda and the tasks
  • The creation, modification, and deletion of tasks
  • The daily management of multiple tasks

Optimize the usage of the Gmail inbox

  • The right choices in communications methods at work
  • The irritants of receiving a large volume of emails and their remedies
  • The simple and efficient process to manage your inbox
  • Sorting important emails in a quick and easy way
  • Advanced rules
  • Email research
  • Usage of shortcuts to save time

A complete, illustrated didactic manual will be provided for each participant.