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IPhone for professionals (e-learning)


  • Regular: 99$

Take advantage of our years of work experience and learn to master this formidable tool in a few hours only. You are a professional on the go? Well this course will be incredibly useful to you. In addition to discovering the essential and advanced functions, you will learn how to be more efficient with the best applications you should know.

  • Gaining a simple work method to carry out efficient follow-ups on the move
  • Mastering work elements on the iPhone (task, calendar, notes, and other applications)
  • Learning how to effectively manage mail reception on the device
  • Interpreting and visualizing tasks with your iPhone and iPad devices
  • Discovering some advanced functions on your iPod

This e-learning license is valid for a period of 90 days.

The iPhone, a device emblematic of the new era of smart phones, managed to carve a significant place in the consumer market for itself in its first versions. It also left its mark in the business users market, and became, over time, an indispensable mobile productivity tool. Unfortunately, few users have the opportunity to utilize all the incredible potential of this tool, of its exceptional capacities, of its useful functions, and most of all, to untangle the multiple applications available on the market. Like in all other FETCH training courses, our approach is to offer you a work method and to transmit the essence of what your iPhone can offer you, simply.

Who should attend this training course?

  • This training course is dedicated to new and intermediary users of iPhone
  • Anyone interested in using an iPhone efficiently
  • Anyone who is curious to discover useful functions and applications that experts master
  • Anyone who doesn’t have time to read the user’s manual!
  • Fetch Human Capital Ltd, the training courses it organizes, as well as the trainers are all certified by Emploi Québec.

Prior knowledge required

  • Minimal knowledge of the iPhone recommended (a few months)
  • Basic knowledge of the MAC or PC environment
  • Having installed iTunes on your computer and having made all required updates

Overview of the basic functions and applications

  • The navigation on the iPhone and its optimization
  • Using the GPS
  • Taking notes
  • Researching

IPhone settings for more efficiency

  • Ringtones, alerts and notifications, etc.
  • Connecting to the WiFi network / becoming a WiFi portal
  • Using your iPhone abroad (plane, blocking data, etc.)
  • Battery usage optimization

Outlook elements on your iPhone

  • Tips and tricks for the calendar
  • Overview of the contacts function and its optimization
  • Optimizing your email and your various addresses
  • Managing and follow-up on emails from the iPhone


  • Understanding the AppStore and its synchronization functions
  • Overview of indispensable applications for business users
  • Sending a status report or a task updates report

After you complete your registration by clicking on the “Register” button, a PDF link containing your connection information to access the online training will be forwarded to you by email.