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  • Time optimization

Optimize your time with Outlook (e-learning)


  • Regular: 149$
  • Developing aptitudes and know-how in time management
  • Establishing a dashboard for task management and daily follow-ups
  • Learning to prioritize in a technological universe

This e-learning license is valid for a period of 90 days.

Time management is the art that allows an individual to master his environment, to have a clear visual of what needs to be accomplished, and to put into action an efficient method to achieve it. This unique course lets you develop the know-how necessary to increase your abilities in time management through the use of technological tools that are part of our daily environment.

Who should attend this training course?

Time management becomes essential in organizations with a quick pace and increasingly more pressing demands. Anyone receiving emails on a daily basis and/or has to carry out follow-ups on various tasks, can benefit greatly from this course, in order to concretely put forward winning attitudes, to better control their environment and to minimize the waste of time and energy.

Fetch Human Capital Ltd., the training courses it organizes, as well as the trainers are all certified by Emploi Québec.

Prior knowledge required

  • Knowing the basic functions of the Outlook software
  • Having used the Outlook software for over 3 months
  • Receiving and sending over 20 emails a day on a regular basis

Time management concepts applied to technology

  • Explanation of the concrete impact of the random management of our tasks
  • The impacts of work in multitasking mode
  • The distinction between urgency and importance
  • Short- and long-term planning

Establishing a task management and follow-up board

  • Interpretation and visualization of tasks: our radar in time management
  • Prioritizing in a technological world
  • A realistic and efficient work plan with Outlook

Overview of the work elements in Outlook (tasks, calendar, notes)

  • Essential and advanced functions of the calendar
  • Creating a task and/or a folder and carry out its follow-up
  • Inserting documents, elements, and hyperlinks
  • Task management in a methodical and organized manner
  • Establishing a model for repetitive tasks
  • Printing the list of tasks

Teamwork with Outlook

  • The 3 important conditions of a good delegation with Outlook
  • Sharing tasks with the software
  • Sending a status reports or a task updates report

Sorting elements in Outlook

  • Creating project patterns
  • Modifying several tasks in bulk

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