The satisfacorty feeling of crossing out a task from our “to-do” list!

9 May 2016


Human performance


And the benefits of stress reduction.

You have a “to-do” list? (If you have the taskbar next to your Outlook calendar and are using it, the answer is yes!)

Sometimes, do days pass without you having crossed out a single thing on that to-do list? Stressful, I agree. I’ll give you a simple trick.

Over 200 studies prove that when we decide in advance the place and time when we’ll execute our tasks, we are more likely to actually do it. For example, instead of writing “Do my call-backs” in your to-do list, also save the same time window in your agenda every day.

Because you consciously decided to do your call-backs at 4PM at your office, you have better chances of doing it at the time planned because you can schedule around that engagement if you receive other requests.

The same trick applies in your personal objectives. Instead of saying, “I should start working out”, plan the days of the week and the number of hours you’ll dedicate to it. I’m taking the example of sports, because many of us want to be active regularly. I noticed that people who work out tend to go on the same days at the same times, like a routine. Establish a routine and it will become a habit. Habits facilitate perseverance.

Crossing all the tasks off your to-do list is an excellent way to reduce stress!